LSNORR functions through its administrative body, the Board of Directors. The Board is composed of the elected and appointed officers and committee chairmen.


LSNORR publishes a monthly newsletter which is sent to all members as a benefit of membership. This publication reports on activities on the local, state and international level. LSNORR publishes annually a Court Directory which includes federal, state and local courts. The cost is $5 for members and $6 for non-members.

Legal Education

Career Legal Secretary Course

LSNORR offers two Career Legal Secretary courses in the spring and fall of the year. For more information, contact Trisha Crombie.


LSNORR awards a scholarship in December of each year to a candidate based on scholastic achievement, leadership ability and financial need. Particular emphasis will be placed on pursuing a career or furthering one's career in the legal field. For more information and a copy of the scholarship rules and regulations, please contact Johnnie Lynn Thibodeaux.


Each year LSNORR presents either a monetary donation or equipment to a charitable organization from funds collected at our monthly meetings. To participate in this program, contact Odile Arregui.

Affiliate Membership

LSNORR is an affiliate member of Louisiana Legal Secretaries, Inc. Membership is available to those persons primarily interested in the field of law. Louisiana Legal Secretaries, Inc. offers a certification program to become a Louisiana Certified Legal Secretary. For additional information, contact Nedra Roper, Affiliate Director.